Sketch Confirms OF Leaks Are Real During Emotional Stream


Earlier this week, images emerged online showing popular streamer, Kylie ‘Sketch’ Cox, performing explicit acts – and it was alleged that the images were screengrabbed from an old OnlyFans account. The surfacing of the images led to Sketch being bombarded on social media with homophobic abuse, prompting many of his peers to speak up in support of him amid an unplanned outing.

He went live just hours ago with an explanation that led to him confirming that the images are real and that they were taken from a ‘dark time’ in his life and he has since ‘changed’.

We Move On

Sketch might not be everyone’s cup of tea and he’s one of the more zany characters on Twitch, but there’s no discrediting the rampant growth that the streamer has experienced in the last few months. In March 2024, he blew up, amassing more than 350,000 followers in a single month, and he now sits at 1.1 million followers on the top-tier streaming platform.

Earlier this week, images appeared on social media showing Sketch engaged in a sexual act with another man, which prompted an ignorant portion of the gaming community to unleash a tirade upon him. He was dragged through the wringer, and during an emotional appearance on stream last night, he revealed that the revelation hitting the air almost ended him:

Yeah, it came out. And I have a lot of people to credit for… I’ll be honest, Plan A was – and I will say candidly – was to probably eat a — well, probably to call it quits, if this ever came out. But some people saved me. Shout out Banks, shout out my parents, shout of y’all. I f***ed up, but I’m changed.

It’s widely assumed Sketch was about to say he would have to ‘eat a bullet’ if this came out. His reference to Banks is a nod to FaZe Banks, who was supportive of Sketch when the news dropped online. Following his explanation, Sketch suggested he might be taking a break from streaming to get his head in the right space – but there’s still a chance he might quit, he said.

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