Should You Play Hades Before Hades 2? – Answered

Hades Roguelike Series
Image via Supergiant Games

With the sudden and exciting release of Hades 2 taking many of us by surprise entirely, there’s a question on fans’ minds. Should you play Hades before Hades 2? As someone who, unfortunately, never got around to the first game, it’s a question I had, too. Here’s what you should know before jumping into the sequel!

Do You Need to Play Hades 1 Before Hades 2?

You do not need to play Hades before Hades 2, though it’s recommended that you do anyway for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the overall gameplay mechanics—movement, controls, abilities, combat, etc.—remain similar between both games. Furthermore, a number of returning characters appear in Hades 2, and if you’re a fan of mythology, you’ll know a lot of them. But if you’ve yet to play the first game, some story tidbits may not make sense.

Lastly, according to almost everyone, Hades proves an exceptional title overall. It’s an addicting, thrilling romp through the underworld, and often goes on sale for less than $10. It’s likely worth your time for that alone!

What to Remember About Hades 2

First and foremost, it’s important to note that Hades 2 is an Early Access title. As such, it’s unfinished. The story isn’t complete; gameplay mechanics may change, abilities may require total overhauls, and many of the weapons and tools will likely undergo balancing changes throughout the game’s admittedly short Early Access period.

The studio aims to remain in Early Access until the end of the year, at the very least, before a 1.0 launch.

As such, if you’d rather wait for a complete experience, it’s best to hold off on Hades 2 for the time being. If that’s your line of thinking, then these few months of Hades 2 Early Access will provide you plenty of time to pick up and beat Hades 1!

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