Sega Teasing Another Character For Sonic X Shadow Generations

Sonic X Shadow Generations Character
Sonic X Shadow Generations Character

Sonic X Shadow Generations launches in October, and it appears the character teases aren’t done yet from Sega.

“The Japanese [Sonic X Shadow Generations] site showcases both sides of the game, interestingly teasing that another character may be playable (?) in Shadow Generations,” Twitter user TailsChannel posted.

The character tease appears on the Shadow side of the of the landing page while the Sonic page has both the modern and classic Sonic designs. The Shadow side of the website shows Shadow the Hedgehog with a blank box with the text “Coming Soon”. Based on screenshots from the game, Metal Sonic will be in the game, but it’s unknown if there are plans to make him a playable character or just an NPC enemy. Nevertheless, there is plenty of speculation on the matter happening on social media.

Sonic X Shadow Generations launches on October 25 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC. The game features a brand-new story campaign for Shadow along with “iconic 2D and 3D stages” from past Sonic games.

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  1. Why? The only other character I want to play as is Silver but not in this game. Just finally call Platinum Games up and let them make a Shadow game with his guns, motorcycle, and sword and maybe then let them make a Silver game. Metal Sonic doesn’t fit.

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