Netflix Announces Scott Pilgrim Anime Voiced by Original Film Cast

Scott Pilgrim anime
Universal Pictures

It has been over a decade since the 2010 release of the iconic Scott Pilgrim vs. The World film. The graphic novel that the film itself was based on debuted in 2004. Since then, the fandom has grown exponentially and does not seem as though its base will diminish any time soon. People have been awaiting the news of an animated series depicting the beloved character and his romantic struggles for years now, and news of one has finally dropped.

Netflix announced today on Twitter that they are developing an anime series known as Scott Pilgrim. Not only is the news of a potential animated adaptation exciting fans, but the fact that the original cast from the 2010 film will be behind the show’s voices is, too.

Included in the announcement Tweet was the news that the Scott Pilgrim anime is going to be voiced by the movie’s actors. Everyone from Scott Pilgrim himself to Lucas Lee is going to be represented by the 2010 cast.

While not much else is known at the time about the anime or when fans can expect to watch it, knowing that Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be involved is enough to keep many people excited. The success of other television series based on outside original content, such as The Last of Us, could point to Scott Pilgrim’s future popularity.

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