Uber and Rockstar Games in “Close Coordination” Following Hacks

A new update from Uber has shed light on the recent hacks that saw themselves and Rockstar Games compromised.

Uber has specified that the company believes the notorious hacking group called Lapsus$ is behind the attacks. Lapsus$ made headlines earlier this year after claiming responsibility for stealing data from large corporations including Microsoft, Samsung, and Nvidia.

Uber has said that the company is in “close coordination” with the FBI and the US Department of Justice and will “continue to support their efforts.”

Rumors circulating online have suggested that the hacker responsible for the Rockstar Games hack, is indeed a 16-year-old boy. The Rockstar Games hack resulted in videos, images, and code for Grand Theft Auto 6 leaking online.

The hacker said the hack went “unexpectedly viral” following the GTA 6 leaks.

Uber has also elaborated on how the hack happened, stating that an “Uber executive had their account compromised by an attacker.” It’s believed that the hacker was then able to access several other employee accounts and gain access to websites including G-Suit and Slack. A similar method was also seemingly used for the GTA 6 leaks, with the hacker stating that he was in the companies Slack on GTAforums.

Rockstar Games had also issued a statement earlier today on the hacks.

The hacker had claimed that he had access to GTA V and GTA 6 source code, which could have huge complications for the Grand Theft Auto series if they were made public.

It’s unclear on what exactly will happen next, but in March 2022, seven arrests were made in London following the previously mentioned data breaches. This could indicate that the hackers are known and could be arrested again in the future.

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