Roblox Video Ads Now Available to All Advertisers


In a new post on Twitter, the official Roblox feed announced that new video ads are now available for all advertisers. These ads will not require custom-built 3D content.

Roblox has already been offering a limited trial for video ads among select brands. A report by Variety elaborates on the full announcement, explaining these ads will only serve users above the age of 13.

These new video ads will offer features such as “genre targeting, brand suitability and an audience estimator.”

Brands will also get to purchase through a cost-per-completed views model “later in 2024,” with no concrete date. Roblox’s post explains that the new video ads are meant to help brands “connect with Gen Z.”

Roblox’s Stephanie Latham stated today that the new video ads offer “simplicity and scalability.”

At the very least, Ad publishers will still have to meet various requirements and standards. Some of these requirements will include ID verification, unique visitor minimums, and Roblox’s community standards.

Most players are still more interested in UGC issues, and Roblox drew more backlash in October 2023 after forcing in-person work. Content-related updates would probably be healthier for the game, at least to retain player interest. But many fans are still concerned that video ads will likely disrupt gameplay.

Variety reports that “users will know when they are interacting with ad content on Roblox.” This implies that the video ads should be very distinct in-game. Now that all advertisers can join in, this will likely increase the range and volume of video ads.

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