60 Minutes of Redfall Gameplay Uploaded Online

redfall gameplay leak

On YouTube, user DJBSE72 uploaded an entire hour of Redfall gameplay ahead of the full game launching tomorrow, May 2nd. At the time of publishing, this video has amassed just 1,500 views, but that’s enough for the small gathering in the comment section to have already picked up on some of the flaws present in the game.

Tomorrow, Redfall will launch on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, with developer, Arkane, bringing what many were hoping would be an innovative, exciting vampire-hunting title to gamers everywhere. But, in recent weeks, the game has found itself scrutinised under the weight of several disappointing decisions made by the developer.

Are We About To Be Disappointed?

Since it was revealed in 2021, players have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Redfall, an open-world, vampire-themed action RPG title from Arkane, the developers of Dishonored and Prey.

However, over the last few weeks (in the run-up to the May 2nd launch date), several key decisions were revealed that made prospective fans less than excited about the all-new title. From always-online requirements to an Xbox-based lock of 30 FPS, there are some things about Redfall that just aren’t sitting well with gamers.

Now, one user has uploaded an hour-long exposé of Redfall gameplay, revealing in a simple flow what the game will look like for the average user. Unfortunately, as the video unravels, several flaws become readily apparent.

From the player character phasing through solid surfaces to see the underbelly of the world beneath to NPCs getting stuck on scenery and entering infinite-running animations, it seems as though there are plenty of things to criticise in Redfall.

Ultimately, the combat looks relatively basic and underwhelming, the visuals aren’t mindblowing, the movement feels cheap, and the enemies are jarring and poorly animated – but hey, the lighting looks quite nice.

Redfall launches tomorrow, May 2nd, and if it wasn’t for the game making an appearance on Xbox and PC Game Pass, the consensus is that this title would pass by without making any kind of an impression.

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