Forgotten Red Faction Sequel Reportedly Shown in Concept Art

red faction concept art

It has been more than a decade since the last Red Faction game – Armageddon – was released. In 2012, the series’ publisher, THQ, filed for bankruptcy, leaving the rights to the franchise floating in the open. In 2013, the license for Red Faction was acquired by Nordic Games (now THQ Nordic), but the series sat in silence until 2020, when Koch Media picked up the license, bringing it full circle and back to Volition, Red Faction’s original developer. In August 2023, Volition was shut down, and now, finally, the Red Faction name lives with Plaion.

Recently, some interesting concept art was uploaded to Artstation, showcasing what’s believed to be a long-lost sequel to Red Faction Armageddon – or Guerrilla, the third instalment in the franchise that was released back in 2009.

What Might Have Been

It was a few years ago that rumours of a Red Faction follow-up surfaced. In an inadvertent leak published by Nvidia, the name ‘Red Faction Evolution’ was teased – but it was never touched on again and became little more than some mythical, lost thing. That was in 2019, and since then, the Red Faction label has changed hands twice.

In the series of concept art images uploaded to Artstation, a Senior Concept Artist at Deep Silver, JC Jongwon Park, shows us characters, ambitious cities, intense combat scenes, and a Red Faction uprising.

There’s no expectation at present that a Red Faction game will surface in the coming years. There is no chatter, the label has been passed from pillar to post, and for more than twelve years, the series has been left to stagnate and rot away.

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