Play Rainbow Six Siege as Halo’s Master Chief Now

rainbow six siege halo

It’s a funky collaboration that was teased a few weeks back but has only just been made available. Right now, players neck-deep in the world of Rainbow Six Siege can effectively play as Halo’s iconic hero, Master Chief. His legendary armour set and his trusty Gravity Hammer accompany him as he tears down defences in Ubisoft’s flagship multiplayer shooter.

It’s an ‘Elite Set’ for Sledge, an Operator that has existed in Rainbow Six Siege since the game dropped back in 2016, and it’ll set users back a total of 2670 R6 Credits, which’ll set you back around $17 in real-world money.

An Epic Crossover

Ubisoft published a neat, 30-second-long trailer on Twitter that showcased Master Chief arriving in Rainbow Six Siege courtesy of a ‘superhero landing’ that saw him tear through a rooftop with the utmost ease.

It’s far from being the first collaboration of this type in Rainbow Six Siege, but it absolutely is one of the most awesome sets we’ve ever seen for the game.

Rainbow Six Siege is approaching its ninth year of operations and has just seen the deployment of ‘Operation Heavy Mettle’. There’s a regularly updated roadmap that details the ever-developing future of Rainbow Six Siege, and it always seems like Ubisoft has no intention of slowing down on whatever is coming next for the game.

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