Is Counter-Strike 2 Being Released Today?

counter-strike 2

UPDATE: After all the teases, Counter-Strike 2 is now available worldwide.

ORIGINAL: It’s the news that fans have been waiting months to hear – but it’s still unconfirmed. On Twitter, the @CounterStrike profile has been updated with an all-new, whitewashed banner that simply reads ‘Dawn of a New Day’, prompting many to believe that, yes, Counter-Strike 2 is being released globally today.

For the last couple of months, Valve has been running rounds of test servers and inviting players into a beta that has given them access to the upcoming release in droves, but the public release of Counter-Strike 2 has been teetering on the edge for weeks now.

Is it finally happening?

The Pulling Power

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most remarkable games ever made. It has such staying power that even ten years after it was released, it managed to secure a peak concurrent player count of more than one million users every month for a year. It’s insane, and it’s easily one of the top multiplayer shooters out there.

For months, Counter-Strike 2 has been the name on everyone’s minds. We’ve seen new features hit the airwaves, heard the feedback from professional and amateur players alike, and seen footage of people playing Counter-Strike 2 shared online – but for many of us, we’re yet to even taste the game.

However, that could be set to change today. In a recent rebrand, the Counter-Strike Twitter profile was updated with a new banner that reads ‘Dawn of a New Day’, which perfectly accompanies the profile’s bio – “The CS:GO killer–Counter-Strike 2”.

It’s RIGHT THERE. Will it be released today?

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