PRIME is Being Recalled in Canada… Despite it Not Being Distributed There

Health Canada announced on Wednesday that it will be recalling PRIME Energy due to its caffeine content, despite the energy not actually being distributed there.

Officials stated that the caffeine content in each can of PRIME Energy exceeds the recommended limit of 180 milligrams per serving, equivalent to more than two full cans of Red Bull.

Health Canada’s announcement comes just a few days after United States Senator Chuck Schumer raised concerns about the availability of the social media influencers’ beverages in American stores. The Democratic senator expressed that it presented a significant health risk for children and called upon the Food and Drug Administration to conduct a thorough investigation.

Logan Paul and KSI, who are the founders of PRIME have hit back at the media reporting, stating that PRIME isn’t even distributed in Canada. However, Twitter replies to both KSI and Logan Paul suggest that PRIME Energy is somehow making its way to Canada, with countless people showing images of the cans on store shelves.

One clarification pointed out by Logan Paul – And what appears to be the concern from the likes of Senator Chuck Schumer, is the caffeine intake difference between its PRIME Hydration and PRIME Energy options. Prime Energy currently contains 200mg of caffeine, whereas PRIME Hydration contains zero.

Despite the huge differences in caffeine, both ‘brands’ have become hugely popular with children with has led to health concerns. But honestly, I think that’s a problem that lies with Food and Drug Administrations across the world. Here in the UK, my seven-year-old son can easily purchase a PRIME Energy can from almost any corner shop without the need to prove he’s over 18-years-old (which is meant to be the law here).

So maybe this is an issue for the relevant authorities and not an issue for a company that has all the relevant warnings and labeling for its products.

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