Pokémon Presents Announced For February 27th

In a new post on Twitter, Pokémon announced a brand-new Pokémon Presents showcase for February 27th, beginning at 6 AM pacific time.

Fans will be able to catch the event on the official Pokémon YouTube channel. Many expected this announcement soon, since the new showcase will celebrate Pokémon Day 2024.

The Pokémon Company did not reveal any details about the showcase, aside from teasing “exciting Pokémon news”.

However, regular Pokémon Presents events tend to last just over twenty minutes. Last year, it ran for twenty-five minutes, covering various tournaments, shows, and games.

Pokémon hype has slowed down since the Scarlet and Violet Epilogue released last month, to mixed reviews. A lot of the buzz has centered around the comparisons to Palworld.

The game was a massive hit, breaking countless records. Some believe that Palworld’s success was partly due to some of the recent frustrations in the Pokémon fandom.

Palworld fans even created a Pokémon mod for the game, although Nintendo swiftly issued DMCA takedowns for it.

In January, The Pokémon Company also confirmed that it would investigate Palworld for IP infringement.

Hopefully, the next Pokémon Presents will close out February with some encouraging plans on the gaming side of the franchise.

There are a variety of potential DLCs and sequels. Fans should also expect more updates on Pokémon Go, Pokémon Unite, and possibly the trading card game.

Ahead of an imminent Switch 2 upgrade, fans might also be curious about the next flagship title.

Fans have largely praised shows like Pokémon Concierge, but recent titles like Detective Pikachu Returns ultimately divided the fanbase.

The English version of Pokémon Horizons: The Series is also coming to Netflix this month, on February 23rd.

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