Alleged PlayStation Document Leaks Online Revealing New Games

A document, allegedly from PlayStation, has revealed several new games that its third-party studios are likely working on. It’s understood that this document is the document that Gematsu was referring to in yesterday’s Horizon Zero Dawn remastered report.

The document surfaced on 4chan earlier today following its contents being shared privately between journalists and insiders.

So far, Insider Gaming has not been able to verify the authenticity of the document, but it’s understood that this has been the source of several rumors that surfaced last week.

The new games revealed in the document are:

  • Guerrilla Games: Horizon Online Game (GaaS, Multiplayer, PC/PS5)
  • Firesprite: Heartbreak (Survival Horror, PC/PS5)
  • Sumo Digital: Carbon (Open World, Multiplayer, PS5)
  • Lucid Games: Redstar (Vehicle Combat, Multiplayer, PS5)
  • Kojima Productions: Ocean (Open World, PS5)
  • Ballistic Moon: Bates (Survival Horror, PS5/PC)
  • London Studio: Camden (GaaS, PS5/PC)

Redstar, a vehicle combat title, is believed to be a Twisted Metal reboot that I teased last year. However, it’s understood that Lucid Games is no longer the developer of the project, which could suggest that the document is fairly old.

As per the document, the Horizon Zero Dawn remake/remaster is described as a remaster instead of a remake, which is understood to be the case via Insider Gaming sources.

A previous rumor from last week, believed to have originated from this PlayStation document, has suggested that Kojima’s next game is Death Stranding 2 under the codename “Ocean”.

The claims of the Death Stranding 2 rumor seem to be in apparent retaliation to a report from 9to5Google, which claims Death Stranding 2 was slated to release on the Google Stadia, however, it didn’t come to fruition because it was a single-player game.

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