Player Finds GTA 6 Online Gameplay From Hacked Footage

GTA 6 Online

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 leaks have been happening for a while now, including the major one back in September. As more time has passed and more is found, keen-eyed fans are spotting things that weren’t noticed at first. The latest seems to be about GTA 6 Online.

In a video posted online, it was spotted that GTA 6 Online could feature 32 players. Currently, the max number sits at 30. It’s not a major jump, but it was enough to get fans talking on social media.

Also in the video, you can see the player pick up another body, put it over their shoulders, and walk around. In GTA 5, there is a mod that allows dragging and carrying bodies around. Though, based on the leaked videos, it looks to be a gameplay feature of the game by default.

GTA 6 hasn’t officially been revealed yet by Rockstar. However, various rumors have suggested that the game could launch as early as 2024. That would make it 11 years after GTA V launched for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

There were over 90 leaks originally, all with different information on the game. GTA 6 will feature a female protagonist named Lucia for the first time in franchise history. The male protagonist in the game is named Jason. GTA 6 is expected to be a modern version of Vice City, though the map is also expected to grow over time post-launch. The game will also feature over 1000 different events at launch.

What are you hoping to see from GTA 6 Online when it eventually arrives?

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  1. GTA 6 online gameplay from hacked footage, as I am not aware of any specific incident. However, I can provide some general information and insights on this topic.

    First, it is important to note that the release date of GTA 6 has not been officially announced, and there have been no official gameplay trailers or footage released yet. Therefore, any claims of leaked or hacked footage of GTA 6 should be taken with a grain of salt, as they may be fake or misleading.

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