Phil Spencer: ‘Starfield Exceeded 1 Million Concurrent Players’


Starfieldmania is running wild, and it’s smashing records and performance figures across the board. First, it was claimed by one data aggregation channel that more than two million people paid to play Starfield in early access, and now, Phil ‘P3’ Spencer has taken to the social airwaves to highlight that during its global launch, Starfield tipped over one million concurrent players.

It has been the most talked-about game for several months, and now that it’s here, that chatter shows no sign of slowing down. From a worldwide marketing campaign to giveaways happening left and right, and from content creators pouring their time into the game to secrets and exploits being discovered throughout, Starfield is quite literally the talk of the town right now.

Are You Playing Starfield?

It comes as little surprise that Starfield is smashing it and securing high-score reviews almost across the board (with a few controversial exceptions). It’s an end-to-end space-faring adventure that really has so much to offer, and it has been masterfully created by Bethesda Game Studios.

On Twitter, Phil Spencer took to the newswire to thank everyone for getting on board and boosting the game up through the charts:

It’s a fantastic milestone for Bethesda Game Studios, and it’s clear that the years of effort put into crafting this ambitious game are paying off. It’s likely only just getting started – the base nature of Starfield means that it’s a perfect foundation for expansions and added content, which is something that Bethesda Game Studios has never shied away from.

Are you one of those one million concurrent players?

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