Phantom Blade 0 Revealed at PlayStation Showcase with Epic Trailer

phantom blade 0

In a stunning trailer that showcased verticality, intense combat, and a seriously awesome-looking story, Phantom Blade 0 was revealed at the PlayStation Showcase. It’s fast-paced, bloody, and visually stunning, and it’ll give souls-like fans something entirely new to appreciate.

It’s coming exclusively to PlayStation 5, but no date was given up in the all-too-short trailer. Phantom Blade 0 is being developed by S-GAME, a studio that – up until now – hasn’t released anything of note – but if the trailer is anything to go by, Phantom Blade 0 will be something special.

Phantom Blade Looks Visceral

In the showcase that revealed Phantom Blade 0, we saw combat featuring scenes that boggled the mind. In a split second, the player could run up walls, take cover behind solid objects to avoid attacks and fly at their opponents from all angles.

Here’s the sizeable trailer for your enjoyment:

It looks challenging, it looks fluid, and it looks about as violent as you could imagine a samurai-cum-monster-slaying game would be.

It’ll be interesting to see how it translates to a real-time fight when the game is released in the future – we know better than to trust these early gameplay reveals!

Phantom Blade 0 is certainly one to watch.

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