New Elder Scrolls Online Chapter Might Have Been Leaked

new elder scrolls online chapter

Ahead of its appearance at the Xbox Developer_Direct event on Wednesday, the new Elder Scrolls Online chapter might have just been leaked.

In a post on Reddit from user Seraphayel, the next chapter has been data mined after a recent update to the game. The new chapter will be called Necrom, and will feature new locations, a new class, new companions, and more.

Because this is unconfirmed, remember to take the information with some caution. That said, you can view full details of the new Elder Scrolls Online chapter below courtesy of the Reddit post:

Telvanni Peninsula & Apocrypha

Explore the Telvanni Peninsula, home to towering mushrooms, rocky spires, and Necrom city with its expansive catacombs. Behold the Forbidden Books of the Endless Library & the mind-bending wonder of Chroma Incognito, in the realm of Apocrypha.

Shadow Over Morrowind

The Prince of Fate holds secrets too dangerous for mortals or Daedra to comprehend. Now hidden yet turbulent powers threaten Hermaeus Mora’s realm of Apocrypha and if the Daedric Prince’s secret is uncovered, it could unravel all of reality.

New Class: Arcanist

Become empowered by the secrets of Apocrypha and the forbidden knowledge of Hermaeus Mora. The Arcanist is a powerful new Class capable of destructive, restorative, or defensive magic by channeling the arcane, ancient runes and lost tomes of power.

New Companions Have Arrived

Two new allies seeking grand quests and glory! Unlock the Arcanist-power-wielding Redguard and Argonian Warden Companions to battle by your side and keep you company on your journies across all of Tamriel.

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