New Crazy Taxi Game Will Be Live Service with a ‘100-Person Survival Mode’, It’s Claimed

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Last year, during The Game Awards, Sega revealed a showcase of titles that are in development or being remade, such as Jet Set and Crazy Taxi. It was subsequently revealed that the team is working on a new Crazy Taxi title, and it’s slated to be a AAA game. Now, a leaker by the name of Midori has put a string of posts on social media claiming some outlandish things about the new title.

It was said that the new Crazy Taxi game will be a live service title with a ‘100-person survival mode’, and that inspirations for hte game are Grand Theft Auto Online and Fortnite.

We Weren’t Expecting That

On Twitter, Midori posted a few juicy tidbits about the in-development Crazy Taxi title that has been the subject of ongoing discussions in recent days. It was claimed that a remake is on the way and it’ll launch alongside a new, live service game with elements that’ll make it competitive in the ‘modern market’.

It was also referenced that this will be the case for Jet Set Radio, which will also receive a remake of its own before securing a live service reboot. In an exclusive reveal, Midori claimed that the reboot will feature ‘shooting elements’ and will be like Fortnite in its design. It’ll reportedly feature an open-world ‘concept’ with a solid focus on exploration as an all-new story unravels.

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