Neon White Rating Suggests It’s Coming to Xbox

Neon White Xbox

Speedrunning FPS Neon White has been rated for release on Xbox platforms.

As spotted by EmoPulse, the stylish indie game has now received an ESRB rating for Xbox platforms. The Entertainment Software Rating Board assesses the contents of games to provide consumers with information as to the themes included and the age suitability of each title.

Neon White first launched on PC and Nintendo Switch in June 2022. The initial release was then followed up by a PlayStation version in December. Thus far, there’s been no official announcement of an Xbox release. But with the addition of both the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles to the game’s ESRB rating page, it looks like a port will be on the way soon.

Neon White blends anime visual novel aesthetics with lightning-fast FPS platforming. Players utilize a hand of weapon-based Soul Cards to gun down demonic monsters and parkour their way as quickly as possible through short levels. 

Each card has a primary fire and a secondary movement ability. How and when you use them to navigate each level is up to you. There’s plenty of incentive to replay each one, and the aim of the game is to refine your path and power usage to set a record time. Clear enough demons from the celestial levels and you might even earn your gunslinging character an escape ticket from permanent purgatory.

Neon White received plenty of critical acclaims, was nominated in numerous game of the year categories, and earned the title of Best Platformer in PC Gamer’s 2022 awards.

XboxEra’s Nick Shpeshal had previously reported on the XboxEra Podcast that Neon White “should be coming to Xbox and should be launching on gamepass”.

Would you pick up Neon White on Xbox?

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