1 Hour+ of Unedited Need For Speed Unbound Gameplay Leaked

Over 1 hour of Need to Speed Unbound gameplay has leaked online by a YouTuber under the name “Mr Carrot“.

The gameplay, which was ‘tactically’ named as “Totally NOT need for speed unbound. DO NOT LOOK EA THIS IS NOT NFS UNBOUND!!” shows the user going through the menus and taking to the streets of Lakeshore City in a small Beatle car.

You can watch the Need for Speed Unbound gameplay below:

It appears that the gameplay was leaked via someone who obtained the game early and live-streamed it to Twitch, of which Mr Carrot then screen-recorded and re-uploaded the gameplay.

The gameplay shows the player driving around Lakeshore City (which is based on the real city of Chicago) in a small Beatle. Presumably, this is one of Need for Speed Unbound’s starting vehicles that you’ll eventually be able to sell or upgrade.

In the footage, you see the player going through the majority of the game’s customization options for your car and then proceeds to show off the in-game “cartoony effects”, which have been a hot topic of debate since the game’s reveal.

In more footage uploaded by Mr Carrot, more gameplay can be seen of the game’s faster cars.

Earlier this week, EA had to apologize to fans following the official Need for Speed account insulting fans. The company said that they “got a bit caught up in the hype for launch”.

Need for Speed Unbound will release on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

What do you think of the Need for Speed Unbound gameplay?

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