Hands-On: Moving Out 2 Has You Being The Best Worst Movers Available

Moving Out 2 preview

There’s something about over-the-top co-op games that just make for the most rewarding gaming experiences. From the chaotic food prep in Overcooked 2 to the wacky physics while solving puzzles in Human Fall Flat, the memories and laughs had are worth more than words can say. Moving Out 2 is the next in the line of games aiming to be the palate cleanser for gamers looking for something different.

I was brought into a special Team 17 closed-door event to give the game a try with the developers and was shown a lot of the ins and outs of what makes Moving Out 2 a hopeful co-op success.

Like the original from 2020, the sequel sees players move objects as fast as possible from one area to another. Sometimes, that requires you to skip being safe and going through a doorway. Instead, you just might find it easier to through something through a glass pane window while knocking artwork off the walls.

The game features different dimensions to traverse that give you different challenges to accomplish. In addition to the “traditional” moving out experience, there are games that see you moving furniture into a new home and placing items in the proper room.

You also have games that see you grab objects and move them simply to the other side of the platform. Of course, you have to get around obstacles like giant fans that will blow you completely off the map if you screw up.

As you progress through the game’s story, objectives will become more difficult in nature whether by way of obstacles or riddles you have to solve.

When it comes to your characters of choice, there are some outlandish movers to choose from. From a F.A.R.T (Furniture Arrangement Relocation Technician) with a cassette tape for a head with a pencil through its “eye” to one wearing a shark over their head, some of the character designs alone will give you a nice laugh before even playing the game.

Moving Out 2

To keep the replay value up, Moving Out 2 features double the content of the first installment. The game includes approximately 60 levels, 33 movers, and even online multiplayer to play with friends. That multiplayer, by the way, will be cross-platform so you can play with friends no matter what system they have.

Oh, and if your friends step out of line or you don’t like the work they’re doing, feel free to just slap them. In-game, of course.

There are also settings in place to make it a game that everyone can enjoy no matter their age or ability. Moving Out 2 features an Assist Mode that provides players with options that make any level easier to play like extending the game time.

The game is one that clearly shows the potential of being even better than the original, and that was a great game in its own right. The only problem right now is having to wait until launch to play it more.

Moving Out 2 launches on August 15 for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

This preview of Moving Out 2 is based on a PC build played at a special invite-only media event behind closed doors. For more Insider Gaming, check out how Cross Blitz hopes to stand out in a crowd deck builder market.

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