Mavix M9 Gaming Chair Provides High End Comfort & Versatility

mavix m9 gaming chair

A lot of gaming chairs today don’t have the kind of features and functionality as the Mavix M9 Gaming Chair. And with these features comes plenty of flexibility that allows for the kind of versatility that is hard to find in most gaming chairs within today’s expansive market.

Coming in at a price point at $999 for the base model and $1128 for the ELEMAX model, the Mavix M9 Gaming Chair comes in a wide range of color options, and wheel color options .This gives the the user plenty of options for maximum customization. The ELEMAX model is the Ferrari of the two which we had the pleasure of testing out features such as massaging as well as heating and cooling. As you can imagine, these high-end features provide for an array of comfort options.

A true S-tier experience. Our M9 gaming chair delivers overclocked performance and engineering, giving you the power to play on an entirely different level. The extra wide, ultra-comfortable seat and temperature-regulating fabrics let you game for hours without overheating while extended recline technology and action-inspired wheels keep you moving all session long.

The Ferrari Of Gaming Chairs

When it comes to gaming chairs, the number one thing that people look for is ergonomics and comfortability. And after using the Mavix M9 Gaming Chair over the past few weeks, and even without using the Ferrari features the ELEMAX edition offers such as massaging and cooling/heating, I can happily report that this chair is extremely comfortable.

It provides extremely sufficient lumbar support thanks to Mavix’s Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL). With the DVL, it adjusts and contours to your body intuitively each and every time you move within the chair.

And when it comes to reclining, the Mavix M9 has you covered with a 127 degree arc angle in the fully extended recline. And the headrest, while somewhat difficult to adjust provides maximum comfort if you’re looking to relax or potentially even take a nap.

What makes this chair stand out though, is the cooling, heat, & massage features known as ELEMAX. ELEMAX provides even more lumbar support to your chair enhancing it into The Final Boss of Gaming Chairs.

Our innovative lumbar support technology cools you, warms you, loosens you and more — all with the push of a button.

  • Dual internal fans circulate air, keeping body temps down and comfort up.
  • Fast-warming tech adds heat when the situation calls for it (up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Two massage modes remove tension using a steady pulse and rhythmic vibrations.
  • Two massage levels let you dial up or down the degree of intensity.
  • Compatible with all Mavix gaming chair models.

To use these features, the internal battery must be charged up with a USB charger. It comes with a USB charging card along with a wall charger to keep you focused on your gaming without the stress of the battery being depleted.

With all of these features, there are some shortcomings though and while the Mavix M9 gaming chair is very comfortable, I did find the wheels locking quite often when initially trying to roll on carpet. The wheels seem designed to move more freely on hardwood or tile flooring. The initial push or pull encounters some resistance, but after a second effort, the chair rolls where I need it to go, though it remains a slight annoyance when it comes to movement.

Overall, the Mavix M9 Gaming Chair is a very comfortable gaming chair and if you’re looking for a high end chair with the kind of features you would find in a high end luxury vehicle, this is absolutely the chair for you if you can handle the price point.

NOTE: Mavix provided an Mavix M9 Gaming Chair with ELEMAX for the purpose of review/impressions.