Logitech G Has A New Gaming Keyboard, And It’s Impressive

Logitech G has announced its latest gaming keyboard, the Logitech G515 Lightspeed TKL. It’s a low-profile and lightweight keyboard that Logitech is hoping sees as a jack of all trades kind of device.

Retailing for $139.99 wireless and $99 wired, the Logitech G515 TKL sits at just 22mm high with low-profile keys featuring switches with a 1.3mm actuation distance. The switches come in the form of tactile or linear.

“With the iconic G915 gaming keyboard, Logitech G delivered a first-of-its-kind low-profile
keyboard renowned for its exceptional quality, top-tier performance, and premium design
features. With the G515 low-profile design, we have pushed the boundaries even further,” Arnaud Perret-Gentil, Head of PC Gaming at Logitech G said.

“With the G515, we’ve maintained the sleek design while also including our latest technology innovations, such as LIGHTSPEED, LIGHTSYNC, and KEYCONTROL, to give gamers an advanced and high-performance gaming keyboard experience.”

Other features of Logitech’s newest gaming keyboard include:

  • Lightspeed connection allows multiple peripherals on a single dongle
  • Tri-mode connection — Lightspeed, Bluetooth, wired
  • Layers for mapping allow for more custom key mapping up to 15 custom functions
  • Custom shortcuts, modifiers, and RGB lighting using the Logitech G Hub software

This Logitech Gaming Keyboard Is A Comfortable Use

For the better part of the last week I’ve been using the Logitech G515 TKL keyboard, and to say it meets all of the marks you may be looking for in a keyboard would be an understatement.

Its low profile reduces the angle your wrists need to be at when typing, gaming, or anything really. It limits the stress you put them under, helping you enjoy longer playtimes. It’s not perfectly ergonomic, but that’s not something it claims to be. For what it does on that front, it does it really well.

The keys are responsive and feel great when I’m playing any time of game or writing this article. For what it’s worth, I was sent the G515 TKL with tactile switches. But I’m sure the linear feel just as good if that’s what you prefer. What makes them feel so nice are the pre-lubed switches and slightly concaved keys that make your fingers just fit and slide between presses seamlessly all over the board. It’s hard to describe just how smooth it feels without you using it yourself, but picture a hot knife going through butter, only better.

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The battery life is advertised as up to 36 hours on a full charge. Like I said, I’ve used the keyboard for the last week as my main keyboard and I’ve only had to charge it once during that time.

The only real issue I have with the Logitech G515 Lightspeed TKL is the lack of dedicated media controls and volume wheel. Most keyboards, even other TKL boards I’ve used over the last few years, have had a volume wheel and media controls. It’s not the end of the world to not include them, and it’s clear the decision was made to not have them in order to keep the low profile universal, but it still feels like a weird omission. You can still control media and volume through the function key, but it’s an extra step that’s I didn’t find necessary.

Overall, the Logitech G515 TKL is a solid gaming keyboard across the aisle, especially for the price.

NOTE: Logitech provided a G515 TKL for the purpose of review/impressions.