Mario Red Edition OLED Switch Revealed by Nintendo

mario red edition switch

Nintendo has taken to the social airwaves to officially reveal the Mario Red Edition OLED Nintendo Switch. It’s an attractive-looking piece of hardware, boasting the ‘iconic’ Mario Red hue, and it’s completed by silhouettes of the man himself on the Nintendo dock.

In light of this news, Nintendo fans the world over are wondering when an announcement will come showcasing the next piece of Nintendo hardware, but for now, they’ll need to placate themselves with a very red edition of the OLED Switch.

Red Is The New Black

Available on the Nintendo Store for $349.99, the Mario Red Edition of the OLED Switch isn’t in any way an improvement on existing hardware, but it does look quite nice, and it’ll be an easy purchase for any die-hard Nintendo fan.

For some, it might be somewhat irritating that the personalised details – such as Mario’s silhouette and a few lines of the series’ iconic coins – are hidden in areas that you typically wouldn’t see, but that’s for greater minds than mine to ponder.

I mean, if I was personally designing the Mario Red Edition Switch, I’d probably put those neat little references somewhere they can be appreciated and not on the back of a dock that’s probably getting hidden under a television to never again be moved, but that’s just me.

Do you think the Mario Red Edition Switch is attractive enough to warrant spending $349.99 on something you likely already have one of, or could you potentially see yourself trading up your existing Switch to buy it?

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