Marathon, an Extraction Shooter, Revealed by Bungie


Bungie created Marathon in 1994, but thanks to a trailer released at the PlayStation Showcase today, it seems that history is set to repeat itself. In a short video that revealed synths, robotic caterpillars, space, and some bizarre sound effects, Bungie revealed Marathon – a tech-focused shooter coming at some point in the future.

There wasn’t much to be gathered from the trailer, but we know that it’s an all-new PvP extraction shooter with serious sci-fi vibes. It debuted at the PlayStation Showcase, but it’s coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC as well.

Marathon is Coming

In what is stated to be ‘persistent, evolving worlds’ (does that make sense?), players will enter tech-powered battles as clones – technology that is easily produced owing to the fact that it’s now 2850 and things are a little more advanced.

Here’s the announcement trailer for your enjoyment (or confusion):

It’s something completely new from Bungie – the creators of Halo and Destiny – and it looks as though it’ll attempt to rival established extraction shooters like Call of Duty’s DMZ and Escape From Tarkov.

We picked up the rumours that this game was going to surface last year – it’s fantastic to see that it has finally been confirmed in full by Bungie.

Except, it looks about as unique as you could ever hope for a game to be.

More on Marathon to follow!

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