Riot Games Is Boosting League of Legends Esports in India

league of legends

Riot Games just announced an initiative to renew the ‘focus on servicing the local community for its popular team-based strategy game, League of Legends, in India’. In an ongoing desire to bolster the esports scene in India, which has long fostered a thriving competitive scene, Riot Games intends to kick off creator collaborations, grassroots tournaments, and giveaways in the region through 2024.

Building a Base

India is a strong country where gamers are concerned. It’s estimated around 380 million people play video games in India, and many of those gamers are esports fans. The top esports games in the country tend to be the likes of Battlegrounds, COD Mobile, Free Fire, and even VALORANT, with League of Legends traditionally taking a bit of a back burner in-country.

Per a recent press release, Riot Games wants to change that fact:

We’re excited to be bringing League of Legends to the forefront in India. This isn’t just a game; it’s a global phenomenon that’s all about passion, competition, and having a blast. We’ve seen firsthand how much India loves gaming, and we’re here to take that love to the next level. As League reaches its fifteenth anniversary, we’re committed to empowering Indian gamers with everything they need to become legends in their own right.

Arun Rajappa, Riot Games Country Manager – India and South Asia

Today, a new competitive ecosystem kicks off in India, backed by Zotac Gaming. Soon, fans will be able to tune into The Esports Club Streamer Clash, which welcomes some of the biggest content creators in India, all of whom will be invited to compete in League of Legends for big prizes.

This initiative is bursting with top-tier initiatives that’ll light a fire under gamers across India, giving them another title to appreciate from a competitive perspective.

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