Toronto Ultra’s Scrap Tells The Truth About Using Adderall in Call of Duty

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Thomas ‘Scrap’ Ernst is one of the most controversial young players in the Call of Duty League. He has been amazing viewers worldwide since his debut season last year, constantly performing at the highest level and enabling Toronto Ultra to score some major upsets. However, his loudmouth attitude and failure to deliver when it matters most have led many to criticise him time and again.

Recently, Scrap got down to brass tacks on a stream and spoke the truth about abusing Adderall while playing Call of Duty. It’s no big secret that it’s something of a pandemic in the esports space, with many competitors leaning on the prescription drug to focus their attention and lock in on a game – but it has so many adverse effects.

‘Don’t Get Yourself Onto That’

In 2023, Scrap talked smack against the New York Subliners then promptly lost against the team in a record-breaking Grand Final at COD Champs that saw Toronto Ultra fail to win a single map. It effectively happened again at Major IV this season, with Scrap running his mouth and being booted from the tournament by the Subliners with a scoreline of 0 – 3.

During a recent stream, Scrap was clipped talking about Adderall, admitting that he took the drug when he played at Challengers tournaments. He quickly warned anyone off the medication, stressing that it’s ‘so bad for you’. He then stressed that he’s clean now and only drinks water during events – he doesn’t even consume caffeine.

I’ll be honest, I took it in Challengers, bro. I took it in Challengers for tournaments, like LANs. I don’t take it anymore, I drink straight water. I took it for tournaments only, but that shit is so bad for you, bro. If anyone in here… I do not recommend ever trying to take it to play a video game.

For years, Adderall abuse has been a big issue in the Call of Duty space, and a few months back, scenes emerged that led many to believe that Indervir ‘iLLeY’ Dhaliwal was hooked on the pills. While talking on stage after Major I, iLLeY appeared skittish and unpredictable, failing to deliver his words and visibly tweaking. He said that he was on caffeine, but many doubted that claim.

Here’s the clip of Scrap talking about Adderall:

Scrap had to explain that Adderall was never the reason for his attitude towards other players – he’s just been like that for years, he insisted. It’s widely assumed that testing is relatively loose in the Call of Duty League, as many players have had quite public battles with Adderall addiction over the years.

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