Kingmakers: Medieval Warfare Sim Meets Time Travel and Attack Choppers

kingmakers game

Redemption Road Games has just revealed Kingmakers, an all-new medieval warfare simulator with cooperative elements, intense action sequences, and *checks notes* attack helicopters. In this twist-laden title, users will assume control of elite troopers sent back in time to prevent a modern-day apocalypse, landing in medieval England with vehicles, assault rifles, and air strikes.

That’s right – this year’s Game of the Year just landed.

It’s Serious, Too

Kingmakers boasts a formula made up of strategy and action-based elements – and vast swathes of combatants fighting to a gruesome death. In the trailer that was recently revealed, we see the player time travel Back to the Future style in a rusted jalopy, winding up on a battlefield hundreds of years prior and proceeding to mow down olde-world soldiers with ease.

Here’s the trailer – fast-forward to 23 seconds for the immense twist:

As the game’s blurb suggests, players will ‘rewrite history’ in this game, which is poised to be a paradigm-challenging action-strategy sandbox game. There are multiple perspectives to appreciate in Kingmakers, too – users can either play from a top-level strategy position or take up arms and cause havoc as directly as possible.

There’s no release date for Kingmakers at the moment, and when it’s out, it’ll be playable exclusively on Steam.

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