How Many Multiplayer Maps in Black Ops 6? – Answered

Black Ops Gulf War
Image via Activision

We’re in for an excellent year regarding the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 6. It looks like a routine to form for the studio, with high-octane multiplayer and iconic zombies maps available from day one. Now, we know more about the multiplayer maps in Black Ops 6, namely how many and how big!

How Many Multiplayer Maps Will Black Ops 6 Launch With?

While we don’t know the full roster of multiplayer maps in Black Ops 6—at least not yet—we do know the first-person shooter features 16 core multiplayer maps on day one. These will include a staggering 12 core 6v6 maps, which is where most players will spend their time.

What Game Modes Does Black Ops 6 Have?

We’ll certainly know more following the official reveal following the Xbox Games Showcase. For the time being, we know with certainty that you can play competitive multiplayer on 6v6 maps and Strike on 2v2 or 6v6 maps. There’s also the Zombies game mode, which returns to its round-based playstyle like in past titles.

If you’d rather not play multiplayer, and there’s nothing wrong with that, we can’t forget about the game’s campaign. It features dynamic gameplay with “blockbuster set pieces,” along with high-stakes heists and spy-thriller-like missions set in the early 90s. We’ll alter the course of history at the end of the Gulf War—a time filled with political intrigue and black ops missions.

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