New Helldivers 2 Warbound ‘Polar Patriots’ Coming May 9

A new Helldivers 2 Warbound will be coming to the game on May 9, called Polar Patriots.

The new Warbound will see new weapons, emotes, capes and more coming to the game.


AR-61 Tenderizer
A real tentacle-tearer. This high calibre assault rifle has awesome stopping power but limited magazine size, so make each shot count. Unpatriotic “banter” shots are not advisable.

SMG-72 Pummeler
A slower rate of fire than your other SMGs but these concussive rounds will leave your enemies dazed, confused, and still very ugly. Good things come to Helldivers who wait.

PLAS-101 Purifier
Set the trap. Hold the trigger. Let them charge at you. Smile. They’re getting closer. Smile again. Closer. Smile. Closer. Smile. Closer… and release the trigger. S.P.L.A.T. The longer you can hold your nerve, and the trigger, the bigger the damage.

Secondary weapons / Utility Booster

G-13 Incendiary Impact
Don’t waste time reading the instructions, lob it at the enemy and run. This thing detonates on impact and ignites the area in white phosphorus, so make sure you – and your allies – are not standing around having a chat.

P-113 Verdict
The guys in R&D love this one. Gas-operated, semi-automatic, and chambers the largest centrefire cartridge of any lunpistol of its kind. “Rapid Deliberation”, they call it. Quick-draw to look cool in front of your squad.

Motivational Shocks
Literally shocks Helldivers back into action after being hit and slowed by sneaky, unjust attacks like the revolting bug acid vomit. Won’t help you much with area effects like EMS strikes, though.


CW-36 Winter Warrior
Blend into snowy environments with perfect camouflage. The enemy will never see you coming, until it’s far too late. Ah the sweet smell of stealth. Passive boost – Serve-assisted.

CW-22 Kodiak
Thoroughly pressure-tested by patriotic volunteers as part of the Test Subjects for Super Earth Citizen Advancement Programme. Their sacrifice shall not be forgotten. Passive boost – Fortified.

CW-4 Arctic Ranger
Features a nifty utility belt boasting handy pockets that can be filled with any number of things – pocket knives, mementoes, interesting rocks, Terminid tentacles, bits of bots, etc.


Dissident’s Nightmare
Scientifically proven to be “terrifying” to dissent-afflicted citizens during extensive testing in Patriotic Rehabilitation Centres.

Pinions of Everlasting Glory
All but ensures ascension to the immortal ranks of those enshrined in the Super Earth Digital Archive of Valorous Acts.

Order of the Venerated Ballot
Adorned with the insignia of the Order of the Venerated Ballot – a Ministry-sanctioned Patriot’s Club for citizens pledging to preserve the sanctity of voting.

And, of course, the new emotes! We know our brave, heroic soldiers like to bust out a new move right in the middle of ferocious battles – no matter the deadly risk – so rock out with Mime Instrumentation, request incoming patriotic chat with Call the Helldivers, and search for new voters with Distribute Ballots.

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