BSG Tries to Offer ‘Conclusion’ For Tarkov Drama

tarkov drama

It has been a rough week for Escape from Tarkov fans. Following the reveal of The Unheard Edition, much of the game’s community rebelled, boycotting the extraction shooter and launching a tirade against Battlestate Games, the developer of the controversial game. There were a few more hiccups as BSG tried to straighten up and appease said gamers, and now, a ‘conclusion’ has been posted that aims to placate the community.

‘Feel Free to Give Your Feedback’

That’s exactly what Tarkov fans have been doing over the last few days, but most of it has been seething and negative by nature.

In a recent post on Reddit, the head of the studio at Battlestate Games, Nikita Buyanov, broke down the state of play regarding The Unheard Edition, Edge of Darkness, and what every player is getting to ‘resolve’ this dramatic situation.

Here’s the verbatim from that post:

For owners of the Edge of Darkness edition:

  • Access to co-op PvE mode with persistent progression (access will be given out in waves, we plan to start it tomorrow);
  • Faster insurance return;
  • Increased personal trader purchase limits by 20%;
  • Increased starting PMC karma (after it is implemented);
  • Access to a special stimulant craft;
  • Increased Charisma skill level;
  • “Nostalgia” quest line;
  • Unique PMC dogtag;
  • Unique armband;
  • Unique item with call-in mechanics – “Legacy” device:
    • Ability to call in a friendly BTR, once called, the item will go into cooldown.
  • Unique PMC upper and lower clothing;
  • Ability to replace 2 daily tasks per day for free;
  • Ability to change nickname icon and colour.

For owners of the Standard, Prepare for Escape, and Left Behind editions:

  • Increased stash size by two lines;
  • Ability to purchase access to PvE mode separately.

For owners of The Unheard Edition:

  • Unique radio-electronic item “Mark of The Unheard” – will be active only in PvE mode;
  • Unique item “Distress signal device” – will be available in both PvP and PvE modes. The item must be recharged in Hideout using high-end items;
  • A $50 coupon for Escape from Tarkov purchases (editions, expansions) for those who have upgraded from Edge of Darkness to The Unheard Edition with the old price;
  • Access to Escape from Tarkov: Arena for those who purchased the edition at full price;
  • Unique PMC upper clothing – Cultist jacket;
  • Unique PMC dog tag;
  • Ability to change nickname icon and color.

For owners of all editions other than The Unheard Edition:

  • Ability to obtain the items “Mark of The Unheard” and “Distress signal device” through in-game quests;
  • Ability to obtain expanded PMC pockets through in-game quests.

For owners of all editions other than Edge of Darkness:

  • Ability to obtain the “Legacy” device through in-game quest;
  • Ability to replace 1 daily task per day for free.

It’s a step in the right direction, but has the damage been done? Some of the game’s top streamers have since relocated to competing titles like Gray Zone Warfare, and others have publically quit playing Tarkov altogether. The Unheard Edition was a punch in the gut to those who purchased Edge of Darkness, and in many ways, the reparations are missing the mark – but what more can Battlestate Games do to alleviate the situation?

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  1. It’s definitely a step in the right direction but, for a lot of people, it just reeks of damage control. Considering they doubled down on the original changes and seem to only be doing this due to the heavy backlash, the mass media coverage this has received, and people flocking to Grey Zone. Nikita shouldn’t be trusted, the new changes wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for these factors. Plus I’m surprised it’s taken up to this long for them to offer a straight upgrade for PvE, seperate to the editions. Seems like an easy money maker.

  2. Ill wait for a solid SPT multiplayer mod. Im sure it’s coming.

    1. It’s solid as is. I tried it for the first time the other day and you can’t even hardly tell the difference between SPT and a live raid.

  3. I stopped playing EFT 2 years ago when I was perma banned for nothing. Zero explanation. Since the only reason I built a computer was to play eft with my brother. And I didn’t and still don’t play any other games. I absolutely refuse to pay for the game. My version was the $165 EOD. Fk Nikita I hope his game fails!!!!

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