Hayley Atwell Plays Lara Croft in The Animated Netflix Series

hayley atwell croft

Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft is coming to Netflix on October 10, as confirmed recently by a new trailer showcasing the all-animated series. It was back in 2021 that the series was announced, and we finally have the lowdown on who will be voicing Lara Croft in this production.

It’s Hayley Atwell, known best for her work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Peggy Carter. In comments online, fans of the Tomb Raider franchise have praised Netflix for their casting choice, sounding off with the firm consensus that Atwell offers the perfect vocal representation of the iconic heroine.

The Legend of Lara Croft

On October 10, 2024, a new Lara Croft will surface on Netflix in an exclusive animated series, voiced by Hayley Atwell. Most recently, Lara Croft has been played (consistently) by Camilla Luddington, who has upheld the identity of the game-based character since 2013’s reboot, known as Tomb Raider. She would reprise the role in Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

On the big screen, many will claim that Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of the video game legend will go unbeaten until the end of time, but Alicia Vikander did a fine job in 2018’s Tomb Raider.

Now, the mantle passes to Hayley Atwell, who voices Lara Croft through eight episodes of the first season of The Legend of Lara Croft. Admittedly, it’s yet another ‘reboot’ or reinterpretation of Lara Croft in another universe, but it’s one that fans are very excited about.

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