Days Gone Director: Sony Execs ‘Were Never Fans’, Hence No Sequel

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Ahead of the recent State of Play showcase that revealed upcoming games for the PlayStation ecosystem, Jeff Ross, who worked as the game director on Days Gone, made a damning statement. On the subject of Days Gone 2 making an appearance at a PlayStation showcase, Ross explained that Sony executives, like the newly crowned CEO Hermen Hulst, ‘were never fans’, insinuating that’s a core reason why a follow-up title was never developed.

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Days Gone was a solid enough post-apocalyptic title with plenty of meat on the bones, but thanks to a launch that was plagued with issues, it drew negative feedback very early on, marring the game considerably. From the veteran team at Bend Studio, Days Gone emerged as something quite new and tasty in the zombie-slasher world, presenting players with motorbiking badass, Deacon St John, in a world torn apart and ripe for the plucking.

In a post published on social media before the recent State of Play showcase, Jeff Ross, one of the senior team members who worked on Days Gone, wrote:

A lot of people still ask me if there will ever be a Days Gone sequel, so I submit this poster as evidence it will never happen. Sony higher ups like Hermen were never fans, so you won’t hear about it at the PlayStation State of Play today or ever.

Fans were hopeful in the comments but Jeff Ross shut down one particular poster by writing, ‘This is a case of cancelled for now versus cancelled forever.’ It’s sad news for those who enjoyed Days Gone – like myself – but it was a one-shot wonder that won’t ever see the light of day again.

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  1. I bet if Deek was gay, boozer was his lover and Sarah had transitioned from male to female who would kill deek early in the story after building up deeks character for the user, Sony would have loved it. That’s what made TLOU2 such a hit. Oh don’t forget the rear end scene and the girl/girl hookup too. That was important.

  2. Days Gone is definitely one of the most underrated games. Had its faults but the story and gameplay were great. And the rush of Horde hunting is one the best experiences in gaming.

    Really wish there’d be a sequel 🙁

  3. I hate the fact that we will never see another days gone game, the first title was awesome and I’d happily play through it again. Surely there is another way we could see a sequel.

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