GTA+ Library Getting LA Noire and Bully Later This Year

bully game

In a blog post published today, Rockstar Games confirmed that GTA+, the company’s ‘premium subscription service’ that boasts benefits in GTA Online and a library of classic titles, is being expanded later this year. At some point in 2024, the likes of Bully and LA Noire, two fan-favourite titles, will find their way into the GTA+ library – and it’s likely more games will be revealed for the collection soon.

Classic Rockstar

Bully and LA Noire are both fantastic games in their own right. In 2011, Rockstar Games released LA Noire, an open-world (ish) police-based thriller game that featured scarily realistic facial mapping that, at times, was nothing short of hilarious. It was a one-shot game that has been re-released a few times since on other platforms and in various formats, and fans have long since asked for a new instalment.

Bully is one of Rockstar’s most recognisable games from the PlayStation 2 era. Called ‘Canis Canem Edit’ in some markets, Bully was released in 2006 to an overwhelmingly positive reception. It was marketed as ‘GTA for kids’, letting players assume control of Jimmy Hopkins, a high school student with a penchant for trouble.

Later this year, both of these games will join the likes of Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare, and a slew of classic Grand Theft Auto games as part of the GTA+ library. If you want to secure a subscription, you’ll be paying around $4.99 a month, but it’s somewhat worthwhile if you play GTA Online – you’ll get monthly deposits of cash and a string of exclusive unlocks.

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