Dave the Diver Coming to PS Plus on April 16

dave the diver

Dave the Diver, a sensational indie (but not indie) game that boasts extraordinarily positive reviews, is coming to PlayStation 5 – and PS Plus – on April 16. This unique single-player RPG sees players explore a deep and dangerous ocean during the day, taking to the surface to manage a sushi restaurant at night. As of January 2023, Dave the Diver had sold more than 3 million copies, with fans praising the game’s pacing, activities, and charming visuals.

Diving Onto PS Plus

In a recently published blog post, the director of Dave the Diver from MINTROCKET, Jaeho Hwang, broke the exciting news that this hyper-popular game is coming to PlayStation 5. It’s a big month for games launching on PS Plus – it was confirmed earlier today that Tales of Kenzera: ZAU will also hit PS Plus on the day it’s released.

Hwang describes it best:

Dave the Diver is a unique hybrid ocean adventure that combines ocean exploration with sushi restaurant management. At the heart of the game lies the core gameplay loop, narrative, characters, and captivating mini-games. 

If it wasn’t enough probing a deep, dark ocean to catch exotic fish, there’s an intense and fast-paced restaurant management simulator baked into Dave the Diver that totally alters the game’s rhythm. And talking of rhythm, there’s even a mini-game written into Dave the Diver that sees players soak up a rhythm-based challenge. That’s alongside activities like marine photography, seahorse racing, and cooking contests… Just in case you thought there wasn’t enough to do.

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