Gray Zone Warfare Gets First-Ever Raw Gameplay Trailer

In a brand-new raw gameplay trailer for Gray Zone Warfare, prospective fans of the in-development hardcore shooter get an exclusive glimpse of what’s awaiting them when the game makes it to market. For a little over twenty minutes, players can sit back and enjoy raw, clean gameplay taken straight out of Gray Zone Warfare, showcasing a mission called ‘Rat’s Nest’, which takes place deep in the jungles of Lamang, the game’s fictional, lush setting.

In the mission, a team of four players are tasked with securing intelligence from a pre-defined location and then successfully retreating with said documents – but it’s not that easy, of course.

Gray Zone Rawfare

MADFINGER Games has appeased an eagerly awaiting community by releasing a 23-minute video that perfectly showcases raw gameplay from the developing title, Gray Zone Warfare.

The action opens up with a team of four heavily armed players boarding a Little Bird helicopter, flying low over the canopies and constructs of Lamang in a scene that would go perfectly hand-in-hand with Fortunate Son blaring in the background. Stepping into the unknown, the four soldiers start treading through a leafy environment lit brightly by a gleaming sun, picking off enemy combatants with surgical precision.

On the way to the all-important objective, there are villages to clear, enemy outposts to invade, and plenty of fights to either avoid or get stuck into. We’re treated to an exclusive look at the intense combat mechanics in Gray Zone Warfare, as well as the sumptuous visuals and finely crafted environments. The minimalistic HUD offers an unobstructed view of a shooter that, at first blush, looks fantastic.

By the end of the trailer, the players have secured their objective and made their way to an extraction point, ultimately flying off over the jungle and returning to their safe zone – mission accomplished.

Gray Zone Warfare is being developed by MADFINGER Games and will be released exclusively on PC.

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