Top FanDuel Commercials

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The Golden Nugget is well-known as a land-and-mortar casino, but did you know it was also one of the first online casinos to launch in the US back in 2013?

Acquired by DraftKings in 2022, Golden Nugget online is now available in New Jersey (where it all started), Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

On the other hand, you can bet on your favorite sports with the online sportsbook now live in Arizona.

But as part of the bigger DraftKings brand, it seems not much money has been put aside for Golden Nugget marketing campaigns.

Unlike DraftKings and some of the bigger casino names out there who spend millions on commercials, Golden Nugget only has a few ads – and none of them have big celebrity ambassadors.

But there are a couple of ads starring a face that many fans have recognized.

Golden Nugget “Keep Swiping” Commercial Starring Rachael Winegar, 2022

Rachael Winegar, who can be seen in films such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Anxious Taxidermist, and Romance in NYC, starred in an ad for Golden Nugget in 2022.

In the minute-long version of the commercial, Rachael is hanging out with two of her friends at a bar while playing Golden Nugget online casino games on her phone.

“Honestly, this makes it so easy!” she tells her friend, who encourages her to “keep swiping.”

Once they’re home, all three of them keep playing the games on their phones, unable to peel their eyes off their screens.

“I caved, I love it,” says the third friend, “I’m finding so many good games.”

Though the commercial is promoting the casino’s selection of slots, table games, and live dealers, Rachael’s character plays for the Grand Prize –a new car– and wins!

In the end, she rubs her prize in her friends’ faces by driving to their house in her sparkling new Rolls Royce.

In a second 30-second sequel of the ad, Rachael and her friends are back, though they’re too busy playing online casino games to actually hang out.

There is a third, shorter version of the ad, though it’s basically just a 15-second splice of the first two.

A Bigger Budget, Please!

Like I said above, Golden Nugget hasn’t spent too much money on their marketing campaigns, but the ads with Rachael Winegar are definitely the most popular.

And with so many online sportsbooks and casino ads flooding screens all over the country, the competition for airspace is fierce, so they’ll really have to step up their game to make a dent in the market.

Did the commercial girls convince you to claim the Golden Nugget no deposit bonus and download the casino app?