Gears 6 Could Be Series’ First Open-World Game, It’s Claimed

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It has been almost four years since Gears 5 was released and fans are hungry for another installment of the legendary third-person shooter franchise. Recently, while speaking on the XboxEra Podcast, Nick ‘Shpeshal Nick’ Baker discussed Gears 6, suggesting that it’s a little bit further along than some might think.’

He also mentioned that there’s a ‘strong possibility’ that it may be a full, open-world game. In the most recent title to release – Gears 5 – there was a semi-open operating model put in place for some sequences that saw players traverse wider, more open areas than ever before – but does that mean the door is open for Gears 6 to be full open-world?

Strangers Things Have Happened

Let’s be honest – gamers love choice, for the most part. They love immersing themselves in a wide, open game that allows them to explore to their heart’s content and pick and choose their own objectives and goals as they go.

In the recent episode of the XboxEra Podcast, Shpeshal Nick discussed the potential for Gears 6 to tap into that love for a larger environment, drawing on earlier points that were raised regarding the development of Gears 6 – namely the switch to Unreal Engine 5, which facilitates more detailed and more open environments.

It has been referenced in a nod to another Microsoft franchise that this has been done before. In Halo Infinite – released in November 2021 – the style of the game pivoted to adopt an open-world campaign model.

Could Gears 6 follow suit and also be an open-world game? It very easily could be.

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  1. The open world parts were the weakest parts of the game. Just keep the game being roided out ridiculous antics with waist high cover going through a linear story.

  2. Open world basically means it will be filled with meaningless tasks developed by contractors like halo infinite.

    Garauntee it’ll have base capturing and other boring time-sinks that haven’t been fun since far cry 3 popularized the formula.

    Gears of war 5 (spoiler warning)
    Ended with the idiotic choice of killing either dell or adam. Who in the hell approved such a ridiculous choice?

    Is the new game supposed to have a storyline with either del or Adam now or will Microsoft just throw that mistake under the rug and keep dels death Canon? I guess we’ll find out.

  3. Gears 6 shouldn’t be open world. It would take alot of interest out of the campaign story line.

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