Fort Solis Is Coming to PS5 and PC on August 22nd

fort solis release date

In an all-new trailer for Fort Solis, Troy Baker breaks the news that the game is being released on PlayStation 5 and PC on August 22nd, 2023. He reveals how ambitious this game is and once again references the all-star cast backing up this brand-new cinematic horror game set on Mars.

Fort Solis, which was revealed only recently, will see the likes of Troy Baker (The Last of Us), Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption 2) and Julia Brown (World of Fire) take to the studio to deliver a phenomenal project. It’s a ‘one-shot’ production that, like God of War (2018) plays out in one unbroken sequence, with the story moving seamlessly from pillar to post.

Troy Baker Wants to Excite You

In the short trailer, Troy Baker – arguably one of the most recognisable voice actors in gaming – spoke about the amount of work that has gone into Fort Solis. He said:

Here’s why you should be excited about that (Fort Solis). Number one, great cast – Roger Clark, Julia Brown… I did okay myself, I think. It’s an incredible story. Number three, this is one of the first games I found out is going to be running in Unreal 5, so the fidelity, I knew, was going to be incredible.

He went on to stress that fans of tight, action-packed thrillers will enjoy Fort Solis over and over again. It’s reportedly an immersive title that will have gamers on the edges of their seats. It’s certainly being marketed well, but how will the final product play out?

Here’s the all-new trailer:

Are you excited about Fort Solis?

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