Top FanDuel Commercials

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FanDuel is one of the biggest players in the burgeoning online casino and sportsbook industry, and they’re going all out with their commercials.

Betting on the power of their celebrity ambassadors, FanDuel has released a series of advertisements over the past few years.

From sporting legends to acting giants and even chickens, FanDuel has pulled out all the stops to make their commercials fun, funny, and unforgettable.

Keep reading for our full list of top FanDuel commercials, why we loved them, and where you can watch them.

FanDuel “Think Like A Player” Commercial Starring Charles Barkley, 2023

Charles Barkley, the NBA Hall-of-Famer and TV host turned occasional actor, starred in a couple of 30-second commercials promoting FanDuel’s sportsbook app for the 2023 NBA playoffs.

The ads were a huge hit with fans and viewers, who loved the former power forward’s ability to make fun of himself as he talks to his younger self on a couch while watching a game on TV.

In the first ad, Barkley assures us that, “When you’re betting on your favorite players, it helps to think like your favorite player.”

And if anyone knows Charles Barkley, it’s Charles Barkley.

“How many championships I’m gonna win?” asks an optimistic Young Charles.

“You’re gonna be surprised,” says current-day Barkley, who didn’t win any NBA championships despite his impressive 16-season career.

Part 1 of the campaign promoted a FanDuel sign-up bonus for new customers, who could claim up to $150 in bonus bets after placing a $5 bet.

In Part 2 of the series, Young Chuck and Old Chuck talk about that feeling you get about a player when you’re watching a game, and how to cash in on that feeling with FanDuel’s same-game parlays.

They also reminisce about that game they played against Atlanta– the same day they got their eyebrows waxed!

The spot ends with another offer for new users: get up to $2,500 in bonus bets if you don’t win your first bet.

Young Chuck was an AI deepfake voiced by sports host and comic Danny Rouhier, whose impression of the basketball legend went viral a couple of years ago.

FanDuel “Kick Of Destiny” Commercial Starring Carl Weathers, February 2024

The beloved Rocky actor Carl Weathers passed away just days before the LVIII Super Bowl, when his FanDuel commercial was set to air.

With his family’s blessing, FanDuel edited the commercial and broadcast it as a tribute to the former pro football player.

The Kick of Destiny campaign focused on former NFL icon Rob Gronkowski’s second attempt to kick a field goal live just before the Big Game.

Gronk missed the goal (watch the 2024 live kick here), making John Cena –who bet against him– very happy, though Carl was still proud of him.

“You gave us your all, Gronk,” he says, making all our eyes water.

Watch the final version of the ad on FanDuel’s YouTube channel.

Before it all went down on Super Bowl Sunday, FanDuel released a teaser for the big event.

In this minute-long spot, Gronk can be seen wandering through the desert, bearded and lamenting the fact that he missed 2023’s kick.

“I don’t kick, I catch!” he yells into the vast emptiness. Then Carl Weathers rocks up on a motorbike to save him.

“And this time you won’t miss,” says Weathers, giving the footballer a bike helmet to wear as he climbs into his sidecar and they ride off into the sunset.

FanDuel “Kick Of Destiny” Commercial Starring John Cena & Rob Gronkowski, February 2024

After missing the first Kick of Destiny in 2023 (watch that kick here), Gronk begs the FanDuel marketing department for a second shot in this commercial.

The difference this year, he says, is fans can pick if he’ll make it or miss it for a chance to share in $1,000,000.

Former WWE star turned actor, John Cena, “the new guy”, who’s in the boardroom when Gronkowski crashes in through the wall, doesn’t think they should give the footballer another chance.

Cena accuses Gronk of trying to take his gig and the two men face off, nose-to-nose.

“See you in Vegas,” Gronk threatens, certain he’ll make the kick this year, before crashing out of the room through another wall.

Since Gronk missed again, do you think he’ll get a third shot at the Kick of Destiny?

You can watch him training for the first kick in this ad.

FanDuel “It’s Me Offer” Commercial Starring Animated Chickens, 2023

FanDuel made a couple of ads starring chickens for their Winner Winner Chicken Dinner promo in 2023, and honestly, they’re pretty great. (Vegans and vegetarians might disagree.)

The campaign was promoting free chicken dinners for a year for new users of their online casino app, who could also claim up to $1,000 back.

The dinners would be served at their pop-up restaurant in downtown Philadelphia and prepared by celebrity chef Jen Carroll of Top Chef fame.

Although a tempting offer for humans, it predictably didn’t end so well for the star chickens.

In both 50-second spots, strung-out chickens question their purpose in life and whether they’ll end up on the chopping block like the rest of their brethren.

“Are you a religious bird?” one chicken asks another in this first version of the commercial.

Pondering its death, the chicken wonders if it’s best to “live a good life or just let it rip, morally speaking,” right before it’s ripped out of frame, presumably to be fried and served.

In this second version, a chicken asks its God what the purpose of life is. Will it graduate college? Become a musical theater star? Or should it dedicate its life to donating tiny shampoos to charity?

The chicken, which looks like it needs a good shampooing, doesn’t get an answer to its philosophical questions.

But we have a pretty good idea of its fate – as a basket full of crispy fried chicken fills the screen.

Though memorable and, therefore, effective, these ads surely have people questioning their chicken-eating habits.

FanDuel “A Cold Night In Buffalo” Commercial Starring John Goodman, 2023

Although the comedy legend doesn’t show his face in this ad for FanDuel’s sportsbook app, Goodman’s voice was easily recognized by viewers who loved the cheeky commercial poking fun at Buffalo, NY.

“You think life is short?” Goodman asks. “Football is short.”

With the regular season lasting just 18 weeks, the actor and comedian encourages fans to “cherish every over and under before it’s over” by using FanDuel’s sportsbook app for live betting on NFL games.

Because once the season ends and you can’t cheer on the Buffalo Bills, there won’t be much to do on a cold night in Buffalo.

Especially if you find yourself shirtless at a bus stop when it’s snowing.

Fans have praised the commercial for its light-hearted jabs at the city’s infamously cold weather, and for its creativity, especially as gambling commercials become more ubiquitous.

The ad ends with an offer for new users to the sportsbook, who could bet just $5 and claim up to $200 back in bonus bets, plus a daily profit boost.

Watch the 30-second spot on here.

FanDuel “Third Inning” Commercial Starring Lisa Kerney, 2023

Now the host of FanDuel’s sports betting and fantasy sports show More Ways to Win, it’s no surprise the brand would sign Kerney on as an ambassador for their sportsbook app.

The former ESPN Sportscenter anchor has starred in a couple of commercials for the betting brand, most recently in this ad for FanDuel’s sportsbook.

In this 30-second video, Kerney interviews a fan who just won a bet on a baseball game.

When the host asks him how he’s feeling, the fan says he hasn’t felt this good since the second inning, implying he had already won using the app’s live betting option.

Back in 2022, Kerney appeared in a similar spot for the brand which you can watch here on

In this first commercial, a fan is sitting on his couch, watching baseball at home, when he wins a bet, triggering an impromptu press conference that takes over his living room.

Kerney pops up to interview him from her FanDuel studio, asking how he feels about winning at the top of the first inning.

When the fan says “all those nights studying film really paid off,” Kerney clarifies that when he says “studying film” what he really means is “watching baseball”.

These might not be the most creative of FanDuel’s commercials, but fans love Kerney and (we suspect) would forgive her for appearing in any boring ad!

Both ads were promoting FanDuel’s “no sweat first bet” offer for new customers, who could claim up to $1,000 in bonus bets if they didn’t win.

Funny And Memorable Ads

I ranked these ads by popularity and how funny they were, but also for their star power and creativity.

With visual marketing being such a crowded space, it can be hard to find innovative, interesting, or funny commercials that are memorable for the right reasons.

But, aside from the adverts starring fan-favorite Lisa Kerney, FanDuel has done a pretty good job of striking a balance between fun and effective.

Do you have a favorite FanDuel commercial? Did it make our list?