Fallout ‘Xbox Vault’ Series X Prize Bundle Revealed

Microsoft and Amazon Prime have lifted the lid on an exclusive, one-of-a-kind Xbox Series X package, which includes a never-before-seen ‘Fort Knox Vault’ that can hold the console, a controller, and any other accessories you can jam inside it. It’s a special, celebratory package that one lucky winner will get their hands on through the ‘Fallout Xbox Sweepstakes’ competition, and it has been created in tribute to the upcoming release of the Fallout TV show.

Locked Up Tight

Look no further than this competition if you’ve ever wanted to take a custom Fallout Xbox Series X console and lock it up in a Fallout-themed safe. For one lucky winner, that dream will become a reality – provided they’re over 18 and live in the United States (which irritates this British Fallout fan to no end).

This extremely limited edition package comes with an electronic safe that’s themed perfectly around the Fallout TV show. It has room enough inside for an Xbox Series X – which is also customised and covered with Fallout branding – and a limited edition controller, which is one of the Design Lab pads released recently by Microsoft.

The all-new and original Fallout TV show airs exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on April 11.

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