Fallout Co-Creator Reveals What He Needs To Return to the Series

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Bethesda Softworks did not always publish the beloved post-apocalyptic RPG game series Fallout. The game’s original creators are Interplay Entertainment, and they were responsible for delivering the first title in 1997. Recently, a series co-creator spoke about what it would take to bring him back to Fallout. Learn more about what he said below. 

Timothy Cain, the highly revered American video game developer and one of the co-creators of Fallout, is a passionate advocate for game development. His substantial presence on YouTube is a testament to his dedication, as he regularly speaks about various aspects of game development. His recent videos have touched on making games, cancelling Fallout Van Buren, writing good NPCs, and much more. Notably, Cain published a video yesterday discussing what it would take to bring him back to Fallout.

Cain starts by stating that “Would I work on Fallout again?” has been among his most frequently asked questions in the past few months. He explains that the answer is more “complicated” than we think. The first thing Cain wants to know is whether he will be remaking the first Fallout from a 3D perspective, creating a remake like New Vegas, or maybe Fallout 5. 

Cain explains that every RPG he has worked on till now has had something new and different to offer, which was nothing related to “money, power, authority” or anything along those lines. It was “the game itself” that captivated his interests and got him motivated. He says that was also one of the reasons why he didn’t work on Fallout 2, as it wasn’t adding anything new for him, and he doesn’t like working on sequels. Cain spoke about this before giving examples of what games like Wildstar, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodline, Dungeons and Dragons and more offered him in terms of “something new”. 

Cain added that he had been approached for several games and decided not to work on them because there was nothing new for him to experience. He has had people asking him to “work on a new IP” or be a “director again”, but that is not something that interests him. Cain also spoke about how money is a factor, and he wants to be paid according to his experience and accolades in the industry. So there you have it; if Bethesda wants Timothy Cain on the next Fallout title, they need to serve him something “new” to get him on board. 

On the topic of Fallout, we recently saw a collaboration between the Bethesda RPG and Call of Duty. Also, Todd Howard has stated that they don’t wish to “rush” the next title. What do you think about Timothy Cain’s requirement to return to Fallout? Let us know in the comments.

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