Fallout 76: Secret Patch Makes The Game Much Better

fallout 76

It’s no big secret that Fallout 76 became a laughing stock of a title when it was released way back in 2018. It was the downfall of the series, introducing an empty, buggy world that broke promises and disappointed fans of what is arguably the most popular post-apocalyptic franchise in history. But, over the next few years, Bethesda Game Studios (and associated developers) did admittedly put in plenty of effort to regain and turn the game around.

Today, it’s not a bad game – but that reputation remains quite fragile, and work continues. On the subject of continuing efforts, it appears that a shadow patch has been released in recent days that makes Fallout 76 run better than ever before on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

From Out Of Nowhere

Yesterday, on June 20th, Fallout 76’s thirteenth season kicked off – this one dubbed ‘Once In a Blue Moon’. It brought with it an all-new in-game scoreboard, fresh challenges, cosmetics, and – little did we know – some intense performance upgrades.

In social media circles, reports have been surfacing suggesting that Fallout 76 is now running at 60 FPS on PlayStation 5 consoles, and it has also seen an upgrade for those using Xbox Series X’s ‘Boost Mode’ in the game. Bizarrely, there’s no reference to this upgrade in the most recent patch notes for the update, suggesting that it’s either a placebo effect or some twisted misunderstanding, or Bethesda Game Studios truly missed the opportunity to confirm this apparent upgrade.

There has long since been a way to unlock the frame rate on PC for Fallout 76, but it makes any PC’s components burn up like wildfire, so I’d personally not recommend doing that.

On Reddit, one user wrote:

It’s not just the game either the whole UI is so buttery smooth now the cursor moves so fast across the map and there’s no lag or delays anymore.

It’s like a whole new game goddamn

elitemouse – Reddit

There are now those demanding to know why Starfield can’t be released with a frame rate of 60 FPS if ‘a game like Fallout 76’ can manage it.

It’s never over, is it?

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  1. I hopped back into 76 the day of the update and I noticed the change right away. I didn’t think much of it, and assumed it was always like that, and that I just hadn’t played the game for 6 months and forgot. It does look really good though.

  2. 2000 hours of fame play with my friends. Out of the 100k titles I’ve played since atari 1500. Bethesda quickly became my favorite game designer and fallout 76 is my numero uno game.

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