Enshrouded Gets a Huge Roadmap for 2024

Enshrouded is one of those indie titles that stormed to success following its release into early access just weeks ago. This open-world multiplayer survival game, which boasts some innovative elements, hit one million players in just four days, and at the time of writing, it boasts 38,005 ‘Very Positive’ reviews on Steam.

The independent developer, Keen Games, has just released a major update that showcases everything coming to Enshrouded in 2024 – and it’s a lot. It was made clear that these changes, additions, and amendments are being driven by community feedback, and it’s such a comprehensive list that it seems as though Keen has left absolutely nothing out.

Enshrouded Expanded

There is a staggering list of things coming to the game (or being changed in the gaming) through 2024. Here are some of the key shout-outs:

  • Hollow Halls Dungeons
  • Steam Deck Support
  • Multiple NPC Instances
  • Server User Rights
  • Replayable Quests
  • Animal Farming
  • Vanity System
  • Weather System
  • New Biomes
  • New Enemies & Bosses

Further down the line, Keen Games plans to make more impactful changes:

  • Water
  • Instanced Dungeons
  • Sharing and Visiting of Bases
  • World Events

In the post that revealed these changes on Steam, Keen Games was quick to note that further changes could be made to Enshrouded’s 2024 roadmap as the year unravels:

One thing to note: a roadmap is a living and breathing thing! It will change as we develop the game and things turn out to be harder (or easier!) to implement than we originally thought!

Hopefully, Keen will be able to implement everything that’s planned – some of these deliverables will change the face of this smash-hit indie game. From tomorrow through March 21, Enshrouded will be discounted in the Steam Spring Sale, so if you’re not willing to give it a try at full price, consider picking it up with the tag slashed for a limited time.

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