Top DraftKings Commercials

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It’s not just a trend– it’s basically standard practice for sportsbook and casino brands to use celebrities to helm their commercials.

And DraftKings is making its mark by putting well-known sporting and entertainment personalities in its sportsbook app ads.

Below, we’re going over some of the best DraftKings Casino and Sportsbook commercials over the years, who stars in them, what makes them good (or not), and where you can watch them online.

DraftKings Super Bowl Commercials Starring Kevin Hart, 2023 & 2024

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has starred in Super Bowl ads for DraftKings two years in a row, cementing his place as one of the brand’s top celebrity ambassadors.

In his 2024 spot for the LVIII Super Bowl, Hart is hanging out at an outdoor kitchen, presumably prepping for a party, when he tells the camera that DraftKings is “showing up big for the Super Bowl”.

The commercial, which played during the pre-show, was promoting a deal for new customers of the DraftKings sportsbook app, who could instantly get $200 in bonus bets by betting just $5.

Hart proclaims the deal has him feeling like Jimmy Johnson in the ‘90s, right before cutting to a locker room where the comedian is dressed up as the Hall of Fame coach, yelling at players about bonus bets.

In another 30-second commercial for the LVII game, Hart is hosting a Super Bowl watch party and wondering if DraftKings’ deal offering all customers (all customers?) a free bet during the big game is for real. (It was!)

The star-studded ad includes cameos by icons of sports and entertainment including all-time leading NFL rusher Emmitt Smith, WNBA star Lisa Leslie, NBA icon Julius Erving, rapper Ludacris, wrestler The Undertaker, and pro skater Tony Hawk, who are poking fun at Kevin’s bets.

The commercial ends with MLB legend David Ortiz enjoying a Kevin Hart-shaped cheese bust. “Kev, your face is delicious!” Big Papi yells out across the room.

The entire thing is just over-the-top enough to be great.

DraftKings NFL Playoffs Commercial Starring Jim Mora, 2024

In this DraftKings commercial for the 2024 NFL playoffs, we open with Hart in his kitchen as he asks legendary football coach Jim Mora what he thinks about the deal.

Mora, wearing a bright green sweater at a press conference, can’t believe users will instantly get $200 in bonus bets, even if they don’t win a playoff game, after placing a $5 bet.

“You kidding me?” Mora asks. “Instantly?”

A bit annoyed at having to repeat himself, Kevin confirms that, yes, that’s how it works. “Instantly.”

Then the two get into a funny back-and-forth in which the comedian repeats everything the coach is saying until Hart puts an end to it by asking who exactly is calling those press conferences.

The offer also included a DraftKings bonus for existing players, the “no sweat same game parlay” promo, which was valid during the playoffs.

DraftKings Second Chances & Fitzmagic Commercials Starring Ryan Fitzpatrick, 2023 & 2024

Kevin Hart introduces the former NFL quarterback in two commercials promoting DraftKings’ sportsbook’s special promos.

In their second collaboration for DraftKings’ “no sweat bets” feature, Hart falls asleep at the gym while Fitzpatrick recounts all the different NFL teams he played for.

(He played for 9 teams over 17 seasons, setting a league record.)

But that’s not the point. The point, Fitzpatrick says, is, “If your first team doesn’t work out, you can just bet on a different team.”

And Fitzpatrick knows all about switching teams and second chances, doesn’t he, Kev?

In another 2023 ad released before the start of the NFL season, Hart is at a bar when he calls on the “retired NFL smart guy” to explain how users can get up to $200 back in bonus bets.

We cut to a football field where Fitzpatrick says the deal is like “Fitzmagic,” as his outfit magically transforms into a tight tracksuit.

It’s a cringey move, especially the finger guns, and luckily Kevin calls him out.

“That’s too much magic,” he says, deadpan. “It’s too much magic.”

Hart’s style and Fitzpatrick’s self-effacing humor are what make these two ads memorable and fun to watch.

DraftKings “Coming Up Clutch” Commercial Starring David Ortiz, 2024

In his most recent commercial for DraftKings, David Ortiz aka Big Papi is watching a game with his buddies when he learns about the sportsbook’s latest promo.

Hearing that new customers who bet $5 can claim up to $150 on bonus bets, Ortiz proclaims, “Papi got this.”

The narrator assures him he does not need to get this –it’s an instant win, he doesn’t have to do anything– but Papi is determined to laugh in the face of pressure.

Ortiz’s charisma and self-deprecating humor are what make this ad work, especially with his contagious albeit (purposefully) forced laughter at the end.

In another 30-second commercial released in 2023, an unsuspecting MLB fan comes home to find the Dominican baseball giant at his house, which is covered in plastic sheets.

“It’s Papi time!” Ortiz bellows while holding a bottle of champagne.

Though his bottle doesn’t compare to the giant golden bottle of bubbly the man’s giddy wife is holding.

The guy doesn’t seem surprised by any of this and throws on a pair of goggles (just like his wife, his dog, and Ortiz are wearing) to protect his eyes as the Red Sox first baseman sprays champagne all over the place.

Apparently, the plastic sheets were put up to protect the furniture from the champagne.

If it hadn’t been for all the celebrating, Dexter would have felt right at home.

The commercial promoted having “that pennant feeling” all season long with the DraftKings sportsbook app’s special offers and ends with Ortiz cleaning up the mess he made.

In a follow-up commercial aptly titled “Champagne”, the same guy is sitting on his couch, protective goggles on, while Ortiz sprays him with the giant bottle of champagne.

“You’re gonna feel like a winner all season long,” the narrator says, thanks to all the different ways DraftKings lets you bet on baseball.

The plastic sheets are gone but the guy doesn’t seem to mind his couch getting soaked in champagne as he keeps winning bets.

The wife even joins in on the fun when she comes home, pouring a small bottle of champagne right over her husband’s head.

DraftKings “Make It Rain” Commercial Starring Jessie Coffield, 2021

The sports TV host and former lacrosse player made her debut as a DraftKings spokeswoman with a commercial for the LV Super Bowl, and her catchphrase soon went viral.

Make. It. Rain.

Those three little words turned Jessie into a household name (and voice) as the host of The Sweat, a sports betting and daily fantasy show on the DraftKings Network.

In the 15-second ad, Jessie promoted DraftKings’ fourth-quarter prediction challenge, in which a lucky fan could win up to $1 million wagering on their Daily Fantasy app.

She did other commercials for the brand as well, like this 2022 ad for the DraftKings sportsbook, in which she tells audiences about the chance to score a free bet for any live NHL wagers.

There’s also this 2021 ad for the NBA playoffs, in which she encourages fans to “hammer the over” as part of a promo on the DraftKings sportsbook app.

These days, Jessie is busy being a mom of 2, but keep your eyes open for her comeback!

DraftKings “Bet Local” Commercial Starring Lenny Clarke, 2023

To celebrate online sports betting becoming legal in Massachusetts, DraftKings hired several local sports big shots to star in a commercial alongside Boston comedian Lenny Clark.

With his unmistakable voice and accent, the comic boasts about DraftKings, their local sportsbook “founded right here in Boston”.

“You want outsiders coming here, telling you how to bet?” Lenny certainly doesn’t.

David Ortiz also makes an appearance, and he’s not too impressed with Lenny’s accent.

“Well, that’s how they sound, David. They make me sick!” Lenny tells the baseball star.

Celtics player turned analyst Brian Scalabrine aka the White Mamba also makes a cameo, as does Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chàra.

Watch the commercial on the DraftKings X profile, which promoted $200 in bonus bets credited instantly to new users who bet at least $5 on any sport.

Kevin Hart Makes You Laugh But You Make It Rain

It’s undeniable that DraftKings is one of the top sports betting providers in the country, and though they also have an online casino app, they’re focusing their marketing efforts on their sportsbook.

They’re using all the star power they can afford to make their commercials stick in the collective conscience and make sure viewers remember their brand.

Using humor, the brand has created some memorable ads for big sporting events like the Super Bowl, but they always make space for other sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey. What’s your favorite DraftKings commercial? Did any of them encourage you to sign up and claim the DraftKings no deposit bonus?