Dr Disrespect Loses Tens of Thousands of Followers As The Internet Shames Him

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Yesterday, Dr Disrespect posted a statement on social media confirming that the recent allegations are true – he was banned from Twitch in 2020 for inappropriately messaging a minor in 2017. In the lengthy statement, Dr Disrespect set the story straight and explained that this won’t end him and that after an extended vacation, he’ll be back and raring to go, insinuating that he’s immune to ‘cancel culture’.

However, in the hours that followed the publishing of his statement, Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm lost tens of thousands of followers across YouTube and Twitter, with the downturn gathering pace over time.

Can’t Support That

Dr Disrespect’s statement may have done more harm than good. It cleared things up, but it confirmed that in 2017, he was knowingly and inappropriately messaging a minor on Twitch. As the bombshell hit social media, Beahm’s closest creator friends shared messages and videos, most of them weighing heavily on the side of giving up on the charismatic, brash creator.

The likes of TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS spoke harshly against Dr Disrespect, stressing that there’s no excuse for his behaviour and that they can’t continue to support him going forward. These are streamers who Dr Disrespect has gamed with for years, and their statements are indicative of his support network crumbling around him.

Between Twitter and YouTube, Dr Disrespect lost around 30,000 followers as soon as his statement was released, and the expectation is that the number will continue to rise leading into the weekend. At the time of writing, Dr Disrespect had 4.71 million YouTube subscribers and 2.5 million Twitter followers, but it’s safe to assume that vast swathes of those followers are made up of bots and dead accounts.

Every content creator who is ‘somebody’ is speaking on this news, and the sentiment isn’t good for Dr Disrespect. He’s taking an extended vacation from streaming, but when he returns, he might find that there’s not much to come back to.

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  1. Agreed but he’s not the only one at fault what about Twitch? Why didn’t they do anything? Instead they paid him out and then he got more money from YouTube and endorsements after. Doc isn’t the only one all those people from EVO never faced justice ZeRo did the same thing as Doc maybe worse since there’s proof of the communication we saw and he never got banned from YouTube and he “self banned” himself from competing then defended other predators. MrBeast’s friend pleasured themselves to a drawing of a real life child. There’s so many of these people on Twitch and YouTube but no one doesn’t anything and more and more happen every few years. These platforms and people need thorough background checks. Twitch should be shut down it has mostly children on it and it’s a ground for groomers and sex fiends. Keep the sex fiends exclusive to adult sites and send the groomers to jail.

  2. Why are these people still on Twitter then? They’re enabling a bigot by being on that platform and they supported a predator. Demand Twitch get shut down for covering this up for their own brand protection and demand YouTube ban Doc and other predators who are still on the platform so he can’t groom more kids.

  3. This is what happened when you follow a dude who’s whole personality is frigging toxic.

    1. It’s not just him the people who claim to be so wholesome and “family friendly” are sickos too they get a kid audience so they can groom them. Etika wanted to expose all of these people on YouTube years ago but they caused him to go crazy and sadly self delete. Pretty much all of these people on Twitch and YouTube are doing this these people are all tied to eachother. The only person now I know they don’t like is Sneako.

  4. If he knew it was a minor and kept sexting then he’s a clear predator. However, if he didn’t know it was a minor until after the messaging was done, or if Twitch made him aware of it later then things are different. He didn’t make that clear in his X post, but it’s probably safe to assume he knew and kept doing it. Either way, I really hope the minor involved at the time will never be revealed.

    1. Twitch should be accountable too they paid him out and knew just to protect their brand. Who knows how many other there are and because of them he may have continued this on YouTube who also paid him.

  5. I’m disgusted Alannah Pearce formerly of IGN is defending this saying “nothing will be done” and “people do this all the time” she’s trying to normalize this that’s disgusting she should be banned too. Flag her and get fired over this stupid take not fanboy crap. She complains about “sexism” but when it comes to calling out sexual predators somehow it’s wrong according to her but mild sexism is a problem and she hates when guys look at her even though she exposes her chest. She admits she knows others who sext minors and that it’s not a big deal! How is YouTube allowing this. Demand an investigation of all these online personalities these people are the dollar store Epstein Island.

    1. She only cares about her self interests these people have no real morals it’s whatever benefits them whether it’s to keep the money flowing or because they were paid off to defend it.

  6. YouTube needs to remove him next and all those involved with other situations like EVO those guys never got punished ZeRo did the same thing as Doc but there’s proof of what he did he Skyped underage girls and asked them to get naked but no one did anything to him instead they defended him and he defend the other predators. EVO hasn’t changed only the Smash events are gone only because Nintendo didn’t want anything to do with EVO because of that and Sony. Then there’s Kai Cenat the hypocrite he went to a 11 year olds party and hung out with her and her pre-teen friends that’s literally groomer behavior but he’s defending it she’s 11 years younger than him. All those people need to be exposed! Arrest them all! Then there’s Kris from MrBeast and he’s weird IRL kids loli art ties.

  7. What’s worse is people like Moistcritikal and Alanah Pearce saying he won’t be punished and they have no issue with it. This is what wrong with our society. Action needs to be taken it honestly seems like these internet people are scared their weird little thing will be exposed.

    1. They’re involved like the former employee said almost all of these people are doing this

  8. This makes livestreamers look the worst Kick, YouTube, and Twitch these companies may want to dump this. Kick is assume goes under, it’s time to shut down Twitch, and YouTube I think Google wants to transition to YouTube TV fully instead of “content creators”.

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