Diablo 4 Battle Pass Will Update Every 3 Months

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Diablo 4 is set to release on June 6th, and since the wildly popular beta period wrapped up, fans have been sitting on the edges of their seats awaiting that ultimate day to come around. Recently a little more information slipped out from within Blizzard, confirming that, once every three months, sizeable updates will drop, bringing with them an all-new battle pass rotation.

Reportedly, the Diablo 4 battle pass will be refreshed every quarter, post-launch. It’ll bring with it updates to the story, fleshing out what is already set to be a fairly massive game. It has been said that the first season of Diablo 4 – and the first battle pass – will go live ‘shortly after launch’, but at present, nobody knows when.

Diablo 4’s Battle Pass is Pretty Standard

It’s nothing new, right? It seems that every game launches these days with some elements of ‘live service’ delivery wrapped up inside it. It’s so easy to incorporate a battle pass model into a game, and that’s what’s happening with Diablo 4.

Every three months, players will be set to receive sizeable updates, according to coverage by Game Informer. In an interview, Blizzard’s associate game director, Joe Piepiora, said that there will be plenty of additional story content, new mechanics, and fresh features dropping with every update. This particular snippet was spotted by eagle-eyed reports over at GameSpot.com.

Recently, Blizzard took the time to detail Diablo 4’s endgame, which will include ‘Nightmare Dungeons’ and ‘Helltides’. It’s super spooky stuff.

On April 20th, Blizzard is going to host a live stream that will talk about feedback gathered from the beta, taking the opportunity to expand even further on what’s already known about the long-awaited game.

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