Details On The Lamplighters League From Paradox Interactive

The Lamplighters League Featured

During the Paradox Announcement Show on Monday afternoon, Paradox Interactive will reveal (or has revealed if you are reading this after) a brand new game called The Lamplighters League. From the studio behind BattleTech, The Lamplighters League is a new series featuring similar turn-based tactical combat. Insider Gaming has learned more exclusive details about what else the game will feature.

The Lamplighters League is set in an alternate 1930s. The story will see you control a group of individuals known as the Lamplighters League as you work to stop a cult known as the Banished Court from taking over the world.

In addition to the game’s story, Insider Gaming has been provided more features of the game as well as a trailer and numerous screenshots. You can see the trailer at the bottom of this post.

  • The Lamplighters League Gameplay
  • The Lamplighters League Character
  • The Lamplighters League Gameplay

The Lamplighters League Features

As far as what the actual game itself entails, a source passed along the following information from the game’s upcoming announcement:

Strategy Meets Story, in Style

  • Control a team of unique, dynamic characters and get to know their signature tactical abilities and roles in the team. Learn their stories and the world they inhabit by taking them on missions – every misfit brings their own style to the fight through unique moves that can turn the tide of combat.
  • Explore a variety of thrilling locales and survey the battlefield before things heat up: sneak past enemies in real-time infiltration gameplay, pick off the stragglers quickly and quietly, and position your squad to get an edge for the fight.
  • Use every advantage and dirty trick your agents have up their sleeves in exciting, turn-based combat. Add advanced abilities, gear, and augmentations to your agents to keep pace with the growing threat of the Banished Court!

Race Against the Countdown to Doomsday

  • Chase the Banished Court through an alternate-history 1930s, from dockyards and deserts to jungles both urban and wild. Manage your choices at a global level and try to prevent your enemy from advancing their twisted schemes!
  • Recruit new allies from the best of the worst: scour the globe for outlaws and outcasts and bring them onto your side before the Banished Court catches them first!
  • Every mission earns your team new resources and grows their abilities – but be careful, stress and injury can take their toll!

The Lamplighters League launches later this year for PC and Xbox Series X|S. Other games announced by Paradox are Cities: Skylines 2 and Life By You.

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