Delta Force ‘Black Hawk Down’ Trailer Revealed

black hawk down

Delta Force: Hawk Ops has been in development for some time, emerging as the first game with the Delta Force label in several years. In the latest trailer, the team at TiMi Studio Group showcased the new high-octane extraction mode coming to the game at launch.

This cinematic trailer reveals an energetic, punchy mode – and after the trailer was released, Geoff Keighley dropped another bombshell by showcasing the world premiere of the Black Hawk Down campaign coming to the game.

Black Hawk Down Reimagined

In the jaw-dropping new trailer for the Black Hawk Down campaign mode coming to Delta Force: Hawk Ops, we get an exclusive look at the gritty, immersive story that follows in the footsteps of a real-world scenario that unfolded in Somalia in October 1993.

Not only does Delta Force: Hawk Ops offer an in-depth multiplayer platform, but it will also feature an intricate single-player campaign. Here’s the new trailer showcasing the Black Hawk Down story in Delta Force:

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