Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Release Date Revealed

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Gameplay Has Leaked Online

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions releases on September 3, 2024. 

At Summer Game Fest 2024, we finally received the release date for the multiplayer Harry Potter game we have been hearing about for months. Harry Potter Quidditch Champions releases on September 3, 2024, for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo consoles as well as PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Additionally, the game will be available from Day 1 with PlayStation Plus. Check out the latest trailer below. 

Since the release of Hogwarts Legacy, players have been craving for only one thing and that is to play Quidditch with their friends. The new trailer didn’t give too much away in terms of gameplay, and we will have to wait for the developers to let us know more about the game. 

What we already know is that the game has had several playtests leading up to this date, and the biggest one was hosted back in 2023. Through these playlists, the developers tested new modes, new Quidditch pitch locations, new cosmetics, new emotes, and more. Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions will include a character customisation option too, with the option to choose one of four roles, Chaser, Seeker, Beater, and Keeper. 

Furthermore, from the gameplay footage that was provided to Insider Gaming, it felt like the gameplay loop for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions had been inspired by Rocket League. The game will also reportedly include skins, emotes a battle pass. new modes, new Quidditch pitch locations, new cosmetics, new emotes, and more

Moreover, a lot of footage of the game has been leaked online too. From that, we have learned that players will have the option to play with the iconic characters from JK Rowling’s series, including Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, and more. Harry Potter Quidditch Champions is being developed by Unbroken Games and published by Warner Bros Games. 

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